Virtual Learning Expectations

Baldi Student Virtual Learning Expectations

All students are expected to participate in virtual learning and do so to the greatest extent possible by completing and submitting the assigned tasks as determined by the teacher. Each student is expected to log in to their student portal each school day, Monday through Friday, using their School District account (student ID number and password). They must also check their Google Classrooms and SDP Emails multiple times throughout the day. Students are responsible for the technology, Chromebooks and chargers, supplied by the District including the care, maintenance, appropriate usage, and return of the device when appropriate and requested.

What does it look like to learn in this virtual world?

During lessons, students must listen to the expectation for learning and task completion and submission as determined by the teacher.

  • Students should make connections between prior and new learning.
  • Students should communicate through assignment completion and submission to the teacher what they learned and how they know they learned it.
  • Students should request support from the teachers, as necessary, through teachers’ Office Hours.
  • Students participating in remote learning must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Bullying, cyberbullying, and/or harassment of any type will not be tolerated.
  • There will be consequences for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

School Supports

Students can contact their school counselor through email if they have concerns about their transcripts, grades, questions about high school, and/or how they’re feeling or their emotions.

6th grade- Jacqueline Cummings –
7th grade- Thomas Schillow –
8th grade- Joyce Stavrakis –

Attendance/Participation and Grades

  • Submitting your Participation in the Student Portal
  • All students are participating each day in virtual instruction.
  • All participation in online learning will count towards their final grade.
  • Student participation means: checking in with a teacher during office hours, corresponding with a teacher via email or Class Dojo, participating in a Google Meet, and/or submitting work via Google Classroom.
  • Every student should be logging in each day to their teachers’ Google Classroom to find daily and/or weekly assignments.
  • Daily assignments will range from Live Google Meets with teachers to reading and completing assignments posted on Google Classroom individually.
  • Students and families that do not participate will not be graded and this will impact the final grade.