Our Principal

Principal Gillis’s journey in education has been marked by a deep passion for fostering academic excellence and holistic student development. Having taught in the school district of Philadelphia for over 14 years, Ms. Gillis brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into our students’ unique needs and challenges. Her firsthand experience within our district as an educator and administrator has shaped her understanding of the educational landscape and equipped her with the tools necessary to make a profound impact on the lives of her students. This experience, combined with her undergraduate degree from Temple University in Education and a Master of Educational Administration from Cabrini University, reflects her dedication to continuous learning and growth.

Her impressive professional trajectory shows Ms. Gillis’s commitment to student and teacher success. Having served as an Assistant Principal at Julia De burgos, Central High School, and as a Principal Resident at Girard Academic Music Program along with Northeast High School, she has honed her leadership skills and demonstrated a keen ability to foster a culture of excellence. What sets Ms. Gillis apart is her commitment to families and her unwavering belief that students deserve to experience joy and be rigorously educated, nurtured, and unharmed when they enter the school’s doors. Her passionate dedication to student joy is infectious, and her advocacy for a safe and supportive learning environment ensures that each student receives the care and attention they deserve.