Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Welcome to C.C.A. Baldi Middle School!  Included in the Baldi’s 2017-2018 Student Handbook is the important information that you will need to know as a Baldi parent and student.  Please read it and become familiar with the rules and policies of our school. Here at Baldi, we strive to build on the following values inherent in our students:











Below is a summary of the bus routes. If you have questions please see a staff member at dismissal. Buses will leave the school at approximately 3:25 PM and have morning routes too. All students that live 1.5 miles away or further receive a transpass. All students are able to take the buses but must pay.

Click Here to see the Map of the Bus Routes


Route 492 (6 buses on Verree): Will have as its return destination “Bustleton and Tomlinson.” This bus will go north on Verree to Bustleton Avenue, take the Rennard Street Loop; then back to Bustleton Ave.

Route 490 (1 Bus in Parking lot): Makes the Fox Chase Loop and stops at the Septa Sub-Station on Oxford across from Rite-Aid

Route 475 (2 buses on Verree) :  will have as its return designation “Bustleton and Philmont.” This bus will go north to Welsh Road, over Grant to Bustleton Avenue, to County Line, to Overhill, to Philmont, and then to Bustleton Ave.

Route 476 (1 Bus on Verree) : will have as its return designation “Boulevard and Southampton.” This bus will not take the Rennard Street Loop in the afternoon but will go straight up Bustleton Ave to Trevose, then over Southampton to the Boulevard.

Route 478 (2 Buses on Verree) : Will  have as its return designation “Welsh and Darlington.” This bus will travel north on Verree to Welsh Road, west to Darlington, Darlington to Alburger, then East to the Boulevard, via Scotch Brook.

Route 477(2 Buses on Verree): Shuttle will have as its return designation “Norcom and Comly.” This bus will go north on Verree to Welsh Road, East to Grant Ave to Bustleton, North on Bustleton to Haldeman, then Haldeman to Boulevard, north on the Boulevard to Comly, over Nester to Normandy Drive to Norcom.

Bus Safety Procedures
Pupils must be at the bus stop on time.
While waiting to board the bus, pupils must stay on the sidewalk until the bus stops.
Pupils must remain seated at all times during the ride. They may not stand to leave until the bus has stopped.
Loud noise is prohibited. Pupils may talk quietly.
Pupils may not open bus windows without permission.
Pupils must keep all parts of their body inside the bus window.
Pupils may not call or shout out of the bus window, eat, drink, or throw objects on the bus.
Pupils must obey the driver and/or aide at all times.
Please understand that students who violate these rules endanger the health and safety of students riding the bus. This type of behavior may result in a student being prohibited from riding the bus for a period of time, or permanently. In the event that a student is removed from the bus, it will be the responsibility of the student’s parents to make provisions for transportation to and from school.