Uniform Policy

Daily School Uniforms:
Students are expected to be appropriate school uniforms daily. The school uniform is a Baldi T-shirt or navy blue collared shirt and khaki/ black bottoms daily. Any Baldi t-shirt and khaki or black bottoms* can be worn daily.

Students will have gym multiple times a week. We strongly encourage students to wear a grey shirt and black bottoms. Gym shirts are available in our school store! On gym days students can wear any Baldi t-shirt, a grey shirt, and black bottoms.*

*Appropriate bottoms include- joggers, leggings, sweatpants, and shorts that are to the knee. Yoga pants, tights, soccer/running/biker shorts are not permitted.

Any Baldi-approved hoodie can be worn any day. Baldi Hoodies can be purchased at the store!
Any non- Baldi hoodie is not permitted and will be confiscated if it is not in your school bag. If your hoodie is confiscated, you will be given a ticket to retrieve your hoodie from the Deans at the end of the day.

We will also have dress-down days and special events during the year for students!