Proposed Schedule

Schedule Clarifications

Live Instruction Means…

* Students are required to log into live sessions using the link provided by their teachers.

* Students will engage directly with their teacher and fellow classmates.

* Students may be asked to log in using Google Meet or Zoom. Each teacher will provide specific instructions for logging in and will provide all Google Meet or Zoom codes on their Google Classroom.

* It is encouraged that students have their cameras on to ensure active participation.

* During live instruction, students may be placed in small-group breakout rooms with other peers to encourage student collaboration. Teachers will check in on groups and monitor as they would in the classroom.

Flex Time Means …

* Content “Flex” Time is student-directed and student-paced

* Students are required (encouraged?) to monitor their progress and engage in the work…

* Examples of “Flex” include, but are not limited to:
– Watching a video and responding to questions
– Responding to a question on a teacher discussion board
– Working on a writing assignment, TDA, or journal activity
– Watching a math tutorial and completing accompanying questions
– Engaging in a self-directed, family-inclusive science lab and completing accompanying questions
– Completing a virtual map activity and sharing the assignment with your teacher on Google Classroom.