MLK Kindness Activities


Choose your own act of kindness
Thank our First Responders for their tireless efforts by writing a letter, dropping off cookies, etc.
Send a card to a service member.
Donate to a food cupboard.  Items could be food or gift cards.
Give blood – visit
Make a video of yourself reading a favorite children’s book and share it with a teacher for virtual storytime.
Make a donation to a charity.  (ie Ronald McDonald House, CHOP, American Cancer Society, ALS Hope Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, etc)
Make activity bags for families of deployed soldiers.
Say thank you when you see a service member or first responder.
Make a candy gram for your local police department.
Pay it forward – (ie. pay for coffee for the person behind you).
Help a friend study.
Pick up litter in your neighborhood.
Hold the door open for someone.
Bake dessert for a neighbor.
Volunteer to walk dogs at a local animal shelter.
Compliment a friend.
Donate a toy to a children’s hospital.


Do a chore for someone without them knowing.
Write down a sibling or parents’ best qualities on a sticky note and leave it on their bedroom door or mirror.
Set the table for dinner.
Tape a video message to a faraway friend or family member.
Virtually read a book to someone in your family living in a different house.
Make a homemade gift for someone.
Clean up your room without being asked.
Send a letter to your grandparents.
Tell a joke.
Collect spare change to donate to a charity.
Donate outgrown clothes.
Help a parent prepare dinner or dessert.
Write a poem to share.
Reach out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
Make a new friend.
Become an undercover agent of kindness by doing unexpected acts of kindness every day!


Read Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
Take a virtual tour of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN
Read a book about MLK’s life.
Learn more about the Civil Rights Movement.
Learn about MLK historical places of relevance.