Important Information About Upcoming School Year

Starting on September 2nd, students should come online ready to learn every day. Families should create a dedicated workspace for students to engage in their daily school work. We will share our recommendation this week.

Please complete your Family Readiness Survey by August 21st!

  • Grades and attendance matter. Students should plan on receiving live instruction every day that requires them to complete assignments and homework for grades.
  • Be ready for information for all students regarding receiving textbooks and materials as well as how to return materials from last year this week.
  • Every day our school starts at 8:11 AM in their advisory and the school day ends at 3:15 PM.
  • Our school day will follow a regular school bell schedule with students ‘changing’ classes every 45 or 90 minutes.
  • All students will virtually travel with their advisory. Baldi will continue to use a Day schedule. More information to come!
  • All students will have Health and Physical Education as well as an Elective Course like Art or Music.
  • Student schedules that are currently visible online may be subject to change. These schedules will be finalized by August 25th.

We will share a complete student and school schedule and update it on our website on August 25th.