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At Baldi, students have a choice to join clubs during their screen break. This is optional! Students do not have to join a club. Students should first join a Google Classroom. Those codes can be found below, which is password protected for each grade-level. Ask your advisory teacher for the password. Students then can join a google Classroom for their club and find the meet link on the google classroom. If a student joins a club, they must stay there on that day for the full period. We encourage students to join and stay with clubs as often as they can.



6th Grade Elective Club Menu

7th Grade Elective Club Menu

8th Grade Electives Club Menu


Club Descriptions




African American Affinity Club

K. Hunt

In this club what it means to be African American and issues that affect African Americans in school, in our communities, and the world. We will talk about historical events that have happened and how they have affected us.

American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Training

Mr. Brown

Students will learn basic First Aid skills and principals.

Animation Studio

Ms. Tyler

Come explore the world of animation!  We will explore the many methods and apps that animators use and have fun creating our own!

Anime Enthusiasts

Ms. Tyler

Do you love anime?  Do you want to talk about anime?  Watch anime?  Draw anime?  All of the above?  Join us!

Art & Culture Club

Mr. Sweeney

In this club every week we will have a virtual tour and/or do interactive activities at places such as the Philadelphia Art Museum, The Penn Museum, and more local art & cultural museums.

Bike Club

Mr. Hawkinson

We will cover bike safety, basic maintenance, like how to fix a flat, raise your seat, adjust handlebars, etc…   We will also explore trails, and different types of biking from BMX, freestyle, mountain biking, etc.

Biography Club

Mr. Lackey

From Art to Science… Rock to Hip hop… Philly to the world!  We are going to learn about the people who were awesome and changed American pop culture!

Btw… I take requests!


Mr. Terleckyj

This is a club for kids who want to learn how to sing properly and prepare for a concert, conditions permitting.

Coding Club


This will be a club that focuses on learning beginning to advanced coding through Scratch, Code.org, Makecode, and others.

Cooking Club

Mr. Hawkinson

We will share recipes and some of my favorite dishes, from breakfast to desserts! Tune in and taste!!!!!!

Future Millionaires

Mr. Terleckyj

Students will get a basic understanding of money management, budgeting, and basic stock investing.

Game It

Mrs. Stock

Do you like game night? Bring your imagination, cooperation, and social skills to our club and compete with others through Pictionary, Charades, and more.

Guitar club

Mr. Lackey

No sales pitch.  You know who you are.

Learn how to play chords and songs.  We will learn how to read Guitar Chords and Tablature.  Rock oriented.


Mrs. Mandel

Your imagination is endless, and so are the possibilities for made-up scenes in the Improv club! So, bring your brains and your smiles and let’s improvise!

Lunch Bunch

Ms. Hagan

Would you and your friends like to meet up for lunch?  Perhaps you would like to meet some new people from Baldi. Join our Lunch Bunch sometime!

Mr. Mathes’ Drumming Club

Mr. Mathes

Learn basic drumset beats. My background is in rock drumming and love music from the 60’s through the 90’s.

Nutrition Club

Mrs. Salgado

Do you want to learn about new food and start building the skills to make healthy food choices? Are you interested in cooking quick meals and snacks to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  Join us!

On The Way to 5K ! – Running Club for Fun and Fitness.

Mr. Brown

Students will learn about a progressive training model to increase their running distance for fun and fitness. Students will also learn about local running trails.

Photography Club

Mrs. Logvinov

If you are interested in Photography, learn how to take better pictures and edit them afterwards -join us!


Mrs. Mandel

Do you ever wish you could sing out loud without judgment? Well, now you can in the Sing-Along club! No talent needed, just enthusiasm.

Sister to Sister

Mrs. K. Hunt

This club will be a safe area where females can meet to discuss what it means to be female, discuss identity and learn how to navigate through situations that affect females.

Slavic Club

Mrs. Logvinov

This club is a place for students who are of Eastern European descent or immigrated to the US. Join to socialize, share your experiences and learn more about the Slavic Culture.

Sports Talk

Mr. Ivan Collier 

A talk show that features highlights, stats, and the hottest topics in sports today. You can also bring your sports ideas to the forum to share.

Study Hall

Ms. Hagan

Do you need a quiet place to study? Need some academic support?  Perhaps you and your friends just need a place to meet up and work on a project together.  Join us in Study Hall!


The History of Music

Mr. Mathes

We will explore the history of music and how music has shaped our society through the arts. Music is a universal language!

Todos juntos (All Together) Club

Mrs. Salgado

Are you curious about Hispanic traditions, holidays, art, cooking and dance? Maybe, you are Latino and you want to share your culture while you learn about other cultures? This is your club “Todos juntos” All Together.

Would You Rather…. Debate It

Mrs. Stock

Do you enjoy debating your opinion with others? Through various Would You Rather fun scenarios we will debate our opinions in a cooperative manner.

Writing Contest Club

Mr. Ivan Collier 

Do you like to write? Are you competitive and think you could earn prizes for your creative writing talent? Please join in and write with your peers from all across the land.

Yoga for Beginners

Ms. A. Frazier

The practice of syncing our breath with bodily movements. The first challenge may involve tolerating a barking dog.