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Empowering All Students to be Successful

C.C.A. Baldi is a wonderfully diverse school located in the Bustleton community of Northeast Philadelphia. We are focused on providing high-quality instructional programs that meet the needs of our changing community.

➢     INSTRUCTION: Creating a culture of teaching and learning amongst students and staff, driven by student achievement, and focused on the continuous improvement of ourselves and our instruction.

➢     CLIMATE AND CULTURE: Building a consistent climate and culture for our students and staff through celebrating and promoting our school-wide values.

➢     ACCELERATION: Responding to the diverse academic needs of our students by using data and accelerated learning tracks to challenge and monitor student growth, specifically with our lowest performing 20% of students.

➢     COMMUNITY: Understanding individuals and the identities, experiences, values and beliefs we possess, to continually grow our empathy and value for one another, students and staff, as unique people and partners.

Our Mission

Through a rigorous and integrated program of academics, world culture, and enrichment, Baldi Middle School challenges all students to discover their unique academic abilities and passions by empowering students with the skills and character for success in high school and beyond.

Students are enriched by working in diverse classroom communities and are called to become lifelong learners who develop their individual talents to better themselves, others and their community.

With a commitment to intellectual excellence, leadership, community, and challenging oneself, we strive to develop young people who always try their best, find joy in learning, stand up for ideals, and respond to the opportunities and challenges of our time.